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George St. Pierre has 'no fear:' UFC champ featured in Rolling Stone

Props: Rolling Stone


"This former Montreal club bouncer isn't huge -- he's 5-10, 170 pounds -- but it hardly matters. Check any Mixed Martial Arts ranking for his class and you'll find GSP near the top. Marketers envision him as the sport's big breakout star -- he's the first MMA guy to pimp Gatorade, for one thing -- and his win over Thiago Alves at UFC 100 could very well be the fight that does it. 'He is a new breed of mixed martial artist,' says UFC honcho Dana White. 'He is good at everything and is getting more confident. He has absolutely no fear of any opponent. Anybody that the public or UFC sees as a challenge to him, he wants to fight -- anyone.'"

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre is featured in this month's edition (issue 1084) of Rolling Stone magazine among 17 other "Athletes Without Fear." "Rush" joins Troy Polamalu, Carl Edwards, Gina Carano and several others as "the boldest and strongest in sports." To check out the complete list click here or pick up a fresh hard copy, which is now on newsstands.

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