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Dana White: If Fedor can come to terms with the UFC, he'll fight for the title first

Props: ESPN Radio 1100 via MMA Fanhouse


"My job is to put on the best fighters and to give you, the fans, the fights you want to see. I've been trying to get Fedor in the UFC. I want it because you want it. Believe me, I'm trying to make it happen. He'll fight for the title first. What does he need, a tune-up fight or something? ... To argue where this guy sits in the heavyweight division, we can argue that all day. Fedor has a ton of experience. The guy's been around forever. But you can't take anything away from Brock Lesnar ... It's an interesting fight. It's a very good fight. Fedor's got to come to a deal first. If Randy can go out there and cut that deal with Fedor, then Randy, get to work, buddy."

All hands on deck! UFC President Dana White continues his quest to land the biggest free agent in mixed martial arts following the sudden and dramatic demise of Affliction MMA courtesy of a Josh Barnett failed drug test. "The Last Emperor" is once again unemployed -- and once again negotiating with promotions that will best suit his needs. One has to believe at this stage of his career that it's a "now or never" scenario with the UFC and it would almost seem like fate has once again brought these two together. Now if they can finally come to terms we may once and for all find out who truly is the best heavyweight fighter in the world. Or will we?

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