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Forrest Griffin: 'The next evolution for me is wrestling'

Props: USA Today


"You can't load up. You've got to be quick and just try and catch him in some way. Punch him in the shoulder. Hit him anywhere. Don't swing wildly for his head and don't get caught in that mindset. I discovered quickly that I am not knockout-proof, and people ain't falling down when I'm hitting them any more. You've got to constantly try to evolve a little, and I think the next evolution for me is wrestling. There's a certain amount of time (that it takes to develop), because I didn't wrestle and the shot doesn't come naturally to me, you know? It's going to be, when am I confident to shoot in the fight? When is that coming? So we'll see what happens."

Former light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin talks about his upcoming 205-pound non-title fight against middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva at UFC 101, which is slated for the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pa., on Aug. 8. The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) winner from season one is expecting the most dangerous fight of his career -- but has also been evolving in his training to try and exploit "The Spider's" weaknesses. Is wrestling one of them? Or is the NY Times bestselling author going to be written out of his own Cinderella story? We're less than three weeks away. Predictions please.

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