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MMA Quick Quote: Jesse Taylor wants the best Japan has to offer

"I feel great, it’s a win, it’s my first time here, definitely not my last. I really like being here in Japan and fighting here, I love the audience. I really loved it out here but I really wish you know it wasn’t an injury, I think I would have won any kind of way, I would have won anyways but I don’t like winning like that ... the UFC kind of labeled me [as a "bad boy"] and I don’t know if I really like that or not but yeah I just want to show the fans, the people at home that I’m actually a pretty good guy. Obviously from my past I have a lot to prove now. I have two boys, two sons and you know this provides a means to an end and I really like fighting here, I mean, to tell the truth I like fighting here a lot more than in the States so hopefully you guys like me and hopefully I’ll be back and I want the best. I can also go both wegiht classes, so I can do welterweight or middleweight here, so wherever the fight you demand from me is where I’ll go."

-- Former contestant on Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 7, Jesse Taylor, talks about his most recent win over Korean Judoka Dong Sik-Yoon at DREAM 10 during the post-event press conference (transcript via "JT Money" dominated the action from the get-go before it was halted because of an injury -- Sik-Yoon appeared to suffer a serious leg/foot injury while defending a takedown. It was the seventh straight win for Taylor and his sixth in 2009 alone. He's certainly been a busy man since losing to CB Dollaway via submission (Peruvian Necktie) at UFC Fight Night 14 back in July 2008. And he wants to keep the pedal to the medal, competing against top welterweights and middleweights under the DREAM umbrella. DREAM 2009 Welterweight Grand Prix winner Marius Zaromskis might be a good start.

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