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Mirko Cro Cop: 'I'm pleased with my return to UFC'

mirko cro cop



"I'm pleased with my return to UFC, the only global MMA organization. Unfortunately, every other organization is far beyond UFC. DREAM cannot compete with Americans in sports or financial terms. The UFC has succeeded to become in this sport what PRIDE used to be, maybe even more than that. I will always be grateful to the Japanese fans, that is the country where I became famous as a fighter. But the offer I got from Dream was not a challenge for me. I'm sorry that UFC and DREAM argued over me. There was a lot of noise over nothing, I was even called a liar, and I read supposed statement by Dana White that I called him 600 times. Exact number of my calls was zero. I texted him once and that's all. I wouldn't call anyone 600 times, even if my life depends on that. I don't want to be presented in such a degrading way."

The 2006 Pride FC Open Weight Grand Prix winner, Mirko Cro Cop, clarifies the recent brouhaha over his contract status, saying he chose the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) because of the money and level of competition. The Croatian caused quite a controversy after his most recent appearance inside the Octagon -- a controversial first round technical knockout over Mustafa Al-Turk -- when it appeared that he was DREAM bound, despite a verbal agreement with company president Dana White to ink a longer deal. Now that the situation is seemingly settled, and Cro Cop is signed to a reported three-fight deal, he can now focus on what he does best, fighting. And he'll likely get that opportunity against up-and-coming knockout artist Junior Dos Santos at UFC 103 in Dallas, Texas, on Sept. 19.

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