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Fedor steals glory from latest heavyweight villain, Brock Lesnar

Note: This "press release" was distributed by Affliction MMA shortly after UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar defeated Frank Mir at UFC 100.

SEAL BEACH, California — Even in promotions he doesn’t fight for, Fedor is the star. In the wake of Brock Lesnar’s current heavyweight win, Fedor Emelianenko is the talk of the town. Leave it to Fedor to steal another man’s fire without ever uttering a word.

Lesnar’s bad behavior at his recent victory has his name appearing in all kinds of sports and mainstream media venues. But much of the attention gets instantly shifted away from his WWE-style antics to a potential match-up between him and the wildly acknowledged heavyweight champion of the world — Fedor "The Last Emperor" Emelianenko.

It seems that Lesnar is being cast as the MMA villain du jour. And since every villain needs a hero, media and fans alike seem to prefer Fedor as the man for the job. Instead of celebrating Lesnar’s victory or simply descrying his after-fight performance, many are looking for vengeance. And the one to provide his medicine, they have decided is the world’s ultimate heavyweight champ—Fedor.

Disgruntled fans angry at his unsportsmanlike behavior think Fedor would teach Lesnar a painful lesson. Fedor’s name has appeared in every article written about the recent match, and in editorials and chatrooms around the world. If this should be a time for Lesnar to bask in his notoriety, it seems that all the attention is going to The Last Emperor. It’s as if Lesnar handed his victory over to the WAMMA Heavyweight Champion on a platter.

Everyone, everywhere is talking about Fedor.

Comparisons abound between the two fighters, there’s even a poll asking who would win a bout between Fedor and the bulky Lesnar, with Fedor in the lead. Fedor’s technical superiority is measured against Lesnar’s heft. And the Russian fighter’s cool, collected, and always respectful demeanor stand in contrast to the outburst by Lesnar after his last bout.

Ironically, at one time, the competition rejected claims of Fedor’s dominance in the ring. But now even they have abandoned their claims and openly recognized Fedor’s insurmountable skills. In fact, the competition is being judged by its potential to upset the WAMMA Champ who now fights for Affliction M-1 Global. They couldn’t ignore the facts or the fans any longer. Before Lesnar’s match, an Internet campaign was started to get fans to chant Fedor Emelianenko's name during the fight.

The chanting never materialized. But the enthusiasm for Fedor is impossible to disregard.

And the excitement is swelling as all prepare for Fedor’s August 1st battle against "The Babyfaced Assassin," Josh Barnett, at Affliction M-1 Global’s "Trilogy." All eyes—including a mass of newly anointed Fedor fans — will be on the ring when the number one and two ranked heavyweight fighters of the world meet to establish who is the best in the world. And whoever wins that match will rein supreme, as the legitimate world heavyweight champion and the most exciting heavyweight in MMA. presents Affliction M-1 Global’s "Trilogy" featuring Fedor vs. Barnett in association with Golden Boy Promotions and Donald J Trump. The show is separated into two live broadcasts on the same night—a one-hour special will air on HDNet starting at 7:30 PM/ET (4:30 PM/PT), followed by the sensational Pay-Per-View event, "Trilogy," commencing at 9 PM/ET (6 PM/PT).

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