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Jim Rome burns on Brock Lesnar UFC 100 post-fight meltdown ...

... during his radio show today:

"It’s been a week since Brock Lesnar opened up Frank Mir’s face and then went WWE after the fight. And the debate rages on! Is Lesnar good or bad for the sport? WEC Featherweight Champion Mike Brown says Lesnar is bringing the one thing the sport probably doesn’t need … hillbillies: 'normal sports fans or MMA fans, I don’t think they’re into this type of thing. But the pro-wrestling fans, that’s what they’re into. I’ve never been a pro-wrestling fan, but I could imagine, I know there’s a lot of them, how they got really into that. They love the heel, the bad guy, the jerk who talks a lot of smack. So maybe it’s going to attract some hillbilly fans.' Maybe it’ll attract some hillbilly fans? Right! And maybe the new Harry Potter movie will attract lames in capes and costumes with broomsticks. I’m with Brown … I’ve never been a pro wrestling fan either. Or a fan of laying a beatdown on a guy and getting in his grill to remind him of it while he’s getting medical attention! Or, of 'flipping off' the fans! Or, telling them what you’re going to do your wife later that night. Or hillbillies! All that said … don’t tell me this guy isn’t good for the UFC, because he is! Either you love him or you hate him, but you will pay to see him. You know the guy is the 'Next Big Thing,' the biggest pub hound ever! Shaq is trying to hitch his gravy train to him saying he wants to fight him. Shaq … check it …. you know how I be -- you won’t last five minutes in the C-A-G-E. Check it … you know how I be -- you can’t hang with that hill-bill-ee!"

That's an interesting take to say the least. Let's hear yours ... even though we may have heard it already.

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