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Brock Lesnar vs Fedor Emelianenko in the UFC (Part two)

Josh Barnett is not the only person who could spoil a match up between the UFC and WAMMA heavyweight champions. Randy Couture may, contractually, get first dibs on "The Last Emperor:"

"Not only do I think I deserve a shot at him, kind of part of the agreement in settling our differences in coming back to the UFC, is they were going to be dilligent about trying to find a way to make that fight happen."

Remember that Couture resigned from the promotion not too long ago, rescinded his belt and sat on the sidelines for about nine months, getting embroiled in an ugly legal battle in the process, because he wanted to fight Emelianenko and the UFC couldn't sign him (Couture also cited money as another reason for his sudden departure). UFC President Dana White has attempted to ink the Russian -- widely considered the best heavyweight MMA figher alive today -- to an exclusive contract several times; however, the parties have always been far apart on agreeable terms. White poured more fuel on the fire in the wake of UFC 100, saying he would make another run at Emelianenko when his contract is up with Affliction (supposedly Aug. 1 after his fight against Barnett) and get him inside the Octagon to finally end the years-long debate about who is the best big man in the sport. Emelianenko would have to first defeat Barnett, and then possibly Couture, before getting a UFC title shot against Lesnar, who will have to successfully defend his unified title for the first time against the winner of Shane Carwin-Cain Velasquez later this year. That's one complicated jigsaw puzzle, which all hinges on whether or not the promotion can sign Emelianenko in the first place ... if he beats Barnett, of course. Phew ...

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