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Bobby Lashley: 'My sights are set on Brock Lesnar'



"I’m not going to say anything bad on Brock, because Brock is doing all the right things, [but] my sights are set on Brock. I’m not saying I want to fight him because he’s ‘the wrestling guy.’ I’m saying it because I am a heavyweight fighter and he’s the champ."

Fresh off his battering of Bob Sapp at last month's "Ultimate Chaos" event, former WWE superstar and decorated amateur wrestler Bobby Lashley focuses on his goal is to eventually upend UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. Despite the fact that Lesnar only has one more professional fight than he does, Lashley understands that he must first become a reputable fighter prior to a potential UFC debut. He had trouble finishing Jason Guida at "March Badness" in only the second MMA match of his career, but vows to improve and work his way up to the top. The question is, with Lesnar so far ahead of him in terms of MMA accomplishments, will he ever get there?

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