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Randy Couture: Brock's antics atypical of MMA -- but will keep people tuning in

Props: Cagewriter


"That's not the kind of thing our sport is known for. Those kind of antics and those kind of comments. I know there's a lot of people who are going to tune to see when he gets beat now. I got 10 texts that night watching the fight [saying] 'what an idiot.' We really don't need to know that he's getting on his wife that night. And I'm thinking what is that, a special occasion? You're married to Sable, you think that would be happening all the time."

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion and UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture sounds off on 'Brockgate' stemming from Lesnar's post-fight meltdown at UFC 100. Real or contrived, 'Naytch' isn't down with the hamhockery from last Saturday night but does concede that more people will be tuning into to see him take a fall. The question is, will you?

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