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UFC Quick Quote: Bisping praises Hendo, a little fuzzy on details from Saturday night

"I honestly don’t know what happened to me out there. I will just have to accept what the organizers say in their rules about when I fight next and take it on the chin. But I do know that I have the ability to bounce right back and succeed in my aim of lifting the world title. Henderson won it fair and square and I have nothing but praise for him. I have seen people like my training partner ‘Rampage’ Jackson lose fights in one or two rounds and still go on to become one of the best light-heavyweight fighters of them all, so I am not disheartened in any way."

-- A suddenly humble Michael Bisping talks to the Daily Star about his knockout loss to Dan Henderson at UFC 100 on July 11. "The Count" had been talking a good game to promote the middleweight showdown, saying previously that Henderson was "nowhere near his level." The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 3 light heavyweight winner may now have to go to the back of the line for his shot at the 185-pound crown. The question now is, where does Bisping go from here in terms of opponents? Fantasy matchmakers, do your thing ...

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