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Frank Mir: 'Next time, I'll show him how somebody is supposed to act in victory'

Props: Las Vegas Review-Journal


"I basically was (within) a half-an-inch of catching him. I knew he was hurt, but he had good leverage, with my shoulder against the cage. I made a stupid mistake. When I stood up, and he's screaming, it took me a few seconds to realize (what Lesnar was doing). ESPN showed him spitting and hollering. My children are looking. I'm shaking my head, pointing at my kids and going, 'That's not how you want to do it, guys. We'll be cocky, especially before a fight, to help sell it. I didn't degrade him [when I beat him at UFC 81] and say he was an idiot. There was no point to kick the guy while he was down. OK, I beat the guy. What, am I going to spit on you, too? If I can just nail that (weight) gap to even 10 pounds, it'll be a different fight next time. Hopefully next time, I'll show him how somebody is supposed to act in victory."

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir reacts unfavorably to the post-fight antics of Brock Lesnar following their main event clash at UFC 100 from the Mandalay Bay Events Center on July 11. Lesnar was not satisfied with a mere TKO victory in the biggest event in UFC history and made sure he got in the face of his fallen foe to get the last word in -- before flipping off the crowd and backstabbing Bud Light (UFC sponsor extraordinaire). Has Lesnar surpassed the abilities of Mir -- who may try to secure a rubber match with the champ? And is this a fight that fans would be interested in seeing?

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