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Mark Coleman doesn't get tired ... he plays possum



"I had a lot of doubters. I can't stand being called an old man.... I had to shut a lot of people up. There are reasons why I got tired -- distractions -- I didn't train hard enough. But if I put the time in I can compete with anybody. I was about 70 percent tonight [at UFC 100].... I can get a lot better and [be a factor in this division].... When I put my mind to it I'm fresh, I'm fast, I'm quick, I punch hard ... I'm good.... Everybody else better watch out because 'The Hammer' is back.... I always look tired -- I'm playing possum.... I'm a different breed when I'm on ya.' I'm a world class wrestler. And [Stephan] Bonnar emptied his tank in that first round and that's why I was able to come back and win that fight. I was fresh. I got better as the fight went on."

The first-ever UFC heavyweight champion, Mark Coleman, talks about what it feels like to get his first win inside the Octagon in more than 12 years. "The Hammer" weathered an early onslaught from Stephan Bonnar at UFC 100 last night to eventually go on and earn a unanimous decision. "The Godfather of Ground and Pound" leveraged his strong wrestling background to takedown the "American Psycho" and keep him there, landing repeated blows from the top position. The 44-year-old UFC Hall of Famer -- who vows to keep getting better -- vehemently denied that he was tired, saying it was just a ruse to trick his opponent ... and everyone else watching. Were you fooled?

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