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Tito Ortiz banned from the UFC Fan Expo: The UFC 'doesn't cherish me at all'

Props: Cagewriter


"The biggest problem is the UFC in general. They're all about branding their name. We're the guys who get inside the cage. Strikeforce is working toward making superstars, not worried about their brand. It really comes down to a respect value. They don't respect me. They don't cherish me at all. UFC wouldn't let me go to the Fan Expo. I feel very sorry for all my fans. I'm here for the fans, I'm going to support them no matter what."

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz talks about his exclusion from the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas during the hoopla for the big UFC 100 weekend. "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" -- whether you love him or hate him -- is a 21-fight veteran of the Octagon and has been a key player in some of the biggest feuds in mixed martial arts history including his two bouts with Chuck Liddell and his much ballyhooed trilogy against Ken Shamrock. Is UFC President Dana White doing a disservice to the fans by suppressing the significance of Ortiz out of personal dislike? Or does Tito share just as much of the blame?

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