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Royce Gracie: 'Put me in any card and I'll sell it out'

Props: Los Angeles Times


"Brock Lesnar? Been there, done that. Bring him on. St-Pierre? I'm a prize fighter. Put me in any card and I'll sell it out. I can do it, man. You tell me what's impossible and I'll prove you wrong. Our entire country's name was built on that fighting style. If I had doubts, I would've never walked into the ring. I'm expensive, but I'll fill seats -- 97,000 a few years ago in Japan. People want to see me."

Brazilian jiu-jitsu pioneer Royce Gracie (14-3-3) talks about having an itch to compete at the highest level despite his current state of inactivity. While the 'Godfather of the UFC' explains his 'itch' is currently suppressed, he's confident that he could hang with any of today's elite fighters -- and sell out a venue in the process. Gracie hasn't competed since a unanimous decision win over longtime foe and PRIDE FC fixture Kazushi Sakuraba at K-1 Heroes Dynamite in June 2007 -- an event that saw him later test positive for Nandrolone. Prior to that he was planished by UFC welterweight Matt Hughes at UFC 60 in 2006 in a bout where he didn't look even remotely competitive. Does the UFC legend still have the goods? Or has Father Time submitted the man who started it all?

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