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BJ Penn: 'I'm making sure not to overtrain' for UFC 101

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"The training's going great for UFC 101. I'm making sure not to overtrain. And, you know we started a couple months ago, and I'm training with Marv Marinovich, and we'll be spending our last 8 weeks in California with a bunch of good training partners, with Marv Marinovich there, Jason Parillo will be there, Rudy Valentino's gonna fly up, so I feel VERY good about this training camp ... After we beat Kenny Florian on August 8th, come back, relax, and then, I don't know, we'll see how it all goes you know, I wanna get another title defense quick, right away, right after it so, we'll see how it goes."

-UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn talks about returning to the 155-pound division to defend his title against Kenny Florian at UFC 101 from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday, August 8. "The Prodigy" is under the care of training guru Marv Marinovich and is already looking forward to another title defense after his fight with KenFlo -- which believe it or not is just one month away. Is Penn looking past the surging Florian? Or is this simply justified confidence from the champ?