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Josh Barnett is not scared of Fedor Emelianenko

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"You know what? I don’t care [about being a big under dog] because there’s plenty of times I’ve fought people where everybody thought I was going to win. It’s not what everybody thinks ... I’m not scared. So many other people get in the ring and clearly they’re scared ... I’ve got the skill set required at any aspect where I can win the fight. I believe in it. I’m not going in there thinking I’ve got to do one thing or the other. I know when opportunities are there I can take them and win, and I believe in what I’m doing."

Josh Barnett talks about winning the mental battle before heading into war against the top heavyweight mixed martial arts fighter in the world, Fedor Emelianenko, at Affliction: "Trilogy" from the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., on Aug. 1. "The Babyface Assassin" is confident that his experience and all-around skills are good enough to carry him to victory over the stoneface Russian cyborg -- something that hasn't happened in nearly a decade (and that lone loss was because of a grizzly cut 17 seconds into the fight.) So can the confident Barnett do what 30 other men before him have failed to do or will he share their same fate on fight night?