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Dana White: One (bleeping) sport to rule them all

"I’m the guy with the road map. I’m the guy who knows where I want to go with this thing. I know what my end game is. I know where it is. When this thing is a sport, all over the entire world, and you can take the UFC to any city in any country, just like soccer, then I did it. I did what I set out to do. That’s why I was put on this planet. That’s my job, my destiny, whatever the [expletive] you want to call it."

-- UFC President Dana White talks global domination with Yahoo Sports after taking it on the chin from the mainstream media for years regarding everything from the perception of human cockfighting to an allegedly piss-poor business model and even the tirade against Loretta Hunt. Meanwhile, the former aerobics instructor and long time friend of the Fertitta brothers has taken the UFC to unbelievable heights in both financial gain and global appeal. Not bad for a potty-mouthed promoter with no college degree. Think of where the UFC was five years ago compared to where it is now. Anyone want to take a guess on where it will be in another five years?

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