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Bruce Buffer: 360 'could very well happen at UFC 100'



"I turned 52 in May and as far as I’m concerned, the way I work in the Octagon -- whether it’s a Buffer 180 or 360, which could very well happen at UFC 100 -- I can do this well into my sixties. I’ll be doing this as long as they’ll have me. No matter what I do in life, I always give one hundred and fifty percent. Some of my moves are a little pushy on the knees or the hips but like I always say, the show must go on."

UFC 100 is a monumental event indeed. Can the veteran voice of the Octagon pull off mixed martial arts' equivalent of the triple lindy or will he fall flat on his face? Tune in on July 11 and find out for yourselves, Maniacs ...

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