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Frank Mir: It will be a short night for me if I'm cocky

Props: Las Vegas Sun


"Anybody that size that gets behind a punch and sits down on it can catch me on the chin. If I’m cocky and put my hands down, obviously it will be a short night for me and I can go home and cry about it later. The fighter I was then compared to the fighter I am now is leaps and bounds. If he chooses to stand up, I’ll knock him out. If he chooses to take me down, I’ll submit him."

UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir continues his confidence campaign with his recent comments about the pale-skinned goliath that awaits him at UFC 100 on July 11. Brock Lesnar, who defeated Randy Couture at UFC 91 to capture the UFC heavyweight belt, has already proven that he's dangerous on his feet with his TKO of "The Natural" and his drubbing of Heath Herring at UFC 87. But did he learn his lesson from his debut (a submission loss to Mir) or will history repeat itself?

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