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Rashad Evans could get a whiff of Brazilian lemonade at UFC 98

Props: Yahoo Sports


"I wonder if they're doing testing for [urine drinking]. That shouldn't be allowed. I'm going to be in the clinch with him, smelling his breath. I have been in there with (smelly people). It's disturbing sometimes. It kind of startles you. You're thinking about the fight, next thing you know you're like 'dang is that me (that smells)? This dude didn't even try to wash nothin.' It's not pleasant at all."

UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans openly dreads the clinch game of Lyoto Machida -- not for his dangerous offense -- but for the chance that "Sugar" could get a whiff of Machida's bitter breath on May 23. "The Dragon" recently admitted to drinking his own urine for medicinal purposes and Evans is not trying to hear any of that. Kind of takes the phrase "Dragon breath" to a whole new level. Hey Rashad, how smell my pee-pee?

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