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Patrick Cote was not afraid to fight Anderson Silva unlike 'scared' Thales Leites

Props: Fight Hype


"[The UFC 97 main event was] boring! At least I tried to engage with Silva! Fuck, I'm actually a little pissed. I like Thales and all, but that was awful. He looked very scared and nervous in there. I wasn't scared at all. I want Silva back!"

Former number one middlweight contender Patrick Cote — who underwent major knee surgery in November 2008 — talks about the five round snoozefest between Anderson Silva and Thales Leites at UFC 97 back on April 18. "The Predator" was also privy to a bizarre performance from "The Spider" at UFC 90 last October. The bout resulted in a technical knockout loss for the Canadian, which he feels may have gone his way if the freak accident never happened. Now that Silva is being heavily criticized for not engaging -- and the talk of him staying at 205-pounds -- it's hard to imagine Cote ever finding himself in a rematch with Silva under the Zuffa banner.

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