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Brett Rogers planning to lay on top of Fabricio Werdum and Alistair Overeem



"All I know is (Werdum) loves to stay on the ground. He'll stand up and try to pretend like he want(s) to fight. As soon as someone hit him- light- he's gonna want to take you down ... If I know for a fact that's his "A" game down there, I'm not going to want to stay down there and play with him. And I consider myself a 'C' if anything on the ground ... But I would go down there and lay on top of him. I'll lay on top of him and bang with him. But I'm definitely not going to try to play that jiu-jitsu game off my back with him. And with Overeem, with him I think it would be a little more exciting because he wants to stand with me. He's kind of a fast spunky kind of dude, that's what I've been seeing off of his videos. He's a dangerous fighter on the ground (in that) he can fight off of his back, too, so I ain't gonna sleep on him when it comes to that. But he's definitely going to have some problems with the weight. He's gotta pump it up a little bit or I'll lay on his ass, put that weight on him, tire him out."

Strikeforce heavyweight banger Brett Rogers discusses fight strategies for a potential match-up with both Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem and newly-signed top ten heavyweight Fabricio Werdum. "The Grim" is coming off a second-round TKO stoppage over Abongo Humphrey at Strikeforce "Shamrock vs Diaz" on April 11 and hopes to get his hands on either "Demolition Man" or "Vai Cavalo" later this year. The rumor mill has a potential rematch between Overeem and Werdum at some point in the near future -- with the winner going on to face the undefeated Rogers.

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