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MMA Quick Quote: Gina Carano would 'probably' choose the UFC over Strikeforce

Frankly, I am absolutely unmotivated by money. And I know that maybe people take that and don't understand what that means, but I am just not. What I am interested in is people that have respect. Not only respect for me, but people who have respect for women in MMA ... I have sat down with Dana and (Zuffa co-owner) Lorenzo (Fertitta) and they have expressed interest and want to do something, but I am a little weary because I know that Strikeforce is signing women and the "Cyborg" fight is over there ... I think that I would probably pick Zuffa (over Strikeforce) because that's the big show, you know? To be a part of that would be amazing, but you know, here comes Strikeforce and they've got this CBS and Showtime deal and they are working their way up into being good competition ... They've built their company on some good roots and now they are ready to branch out on Showtime and CBS. But as of right now, the UFC is the big show, and for a female, it would be an amazing opportunity.

– Former Elite XC female mixed martial arts mega star Gina Carano provides MMA Fanhouse with an update on her contract negotiations in a recent interview. "Conviction" has not competed since a three-round drubbing of Kelly Kobold in October 2008, winning via unanimous decision and pushing her perfect record to seven wins versus zero defeats. She has long been rumored to meet up with Brazilian Chute Boxe-trained striker, Christian "Cyborg" Santos. However, the highly anticipated match up has never materialized on numerous occasions for various reasons. Santos recently planished Hitomi Akano at Strikeforce: "Shamrock vs, Diaz" on April 11 and Carano indicates the fight could finally happen if she eventually ends up in Strikeforce … or will she?

(Photo courtesy of Esther Lin)

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