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Wanderlei Silva: Disrespectful Anderson Silva 'does not want to play with me'

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"Disrespect again. Disrespect to the public and so bad for the UFC, because everybody is waiting to see a great show. If you are going to fight in the main event you have a lot of responsibility because the fans pay to see [the fights] and this [performance] is bad for the sport. Everybody needs to have serious conduct in the fights, respect the fight.... With me he does not want to play. He does not want to put down his hands because if he puts down his hands, I will beat him."

The "Axe Murderer" turns up the heat on his brewing beef with UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva after "The Spider's" less than thrilling performance at UFC 97: "Redemption" on April 18. Prior to the bout Wanderlei called Anderson "cocky" and declared war on his former training partner and fellow countryman because of statements he made about Wanderlei's impending drop to middleweight ... where Anderson rules the roost. The issue digs much deeper than that, dating back to differences during the Pride FC heyday. Regardless, now that Anderson turned in his secong puzzling performance in just as many fights, Wanderlei appears to be positioning himself for a futre crack at his belt if he can topple Rich Franklin at UFC 99. Careful what you wish for, Wanderlei.

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