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UFC Quick Quote: Matt Hughes now intends to take 'bathroom breaks' when Anderson Silva fights

Matt Hughes

"[I] Don’t have much to say about the fight. Thales obviously wanted to fight on the ground and even took Anderson down, but couldn’t keep him there. I really disliked it when Thales would just fall to his butt and expect Anderson to jump on top of him; but even more disappointing was Anderson’s lack of aggressiveness. He never seemed like he wanted to finish the fight. Halfway through the third round ... we just decided to go home. It’s not the first time that Anderson has done this to me. When he fought Cote, it was about the same thing. Next time we have a party and Anderson is on the card…. Well, I’ll just say that at least I can expect to take a bathroom break or to go grab a refreshment when it comes time for him to fight. I heard Dana’s comments after the fight and how he was embarrassed. I don’t think Dana should be embarrassed all he can do is put the fighters in the octagon and once again I was a little surprised to hear Dana say this; but Dana White is a man who speaks what’s on his mind."

-- Count former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes among those who have not been thrilled with the recent performances of middleweight champion Anderson Silva, according to recent remarks in a blog post. "The Spider" -- who made a name for himself dismantling his first seven opponents inside the Octagon -- has found himself in hot water because of his two most recent (and lackluster) wins over Patrick Cote and Thales Leites. Hughes now plans to take a dump or grab a Coke the next time Silva is in action to avoid being disappointed. Keep in mind that Hughes has been beating his war drum for more than two years about wanting to fight Silva for the middleweight title. And if he can topple his arch nemesis, Matt Serra, at UFC 98: "Evans vs. Machida" on May 23, perhaps he can start whacking it again and convince Dana White that the fight needs to happen. Of course, the big money match is Silva taking on welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre sometime in the near future; however, keep this in your back pocket just in case things don't go as planned on July 11 when "Rush" takes on Thiago Alves.

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