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Chuck Liddell retirement decision likely to come in the 'next week' ...

... according to his long-time trainer, John Hackleman, in the latest interview with Action Sports:

"It's going to be done when Chuck decides it's done and we sit down somewhere on the beach probably in Hawaii and just say you know what it's done, then we'll decide. Not after a fight that he got stopped by one of the best fighters on a planet, that's not the time to decide if it's done or not. He's been ko'd twice in his entire life. It's not time to retire because of that."

We already know that UFC President Dana White made the decision for him to retire after the first round technical knockout loss to Mauricio "Shogun" this weekend at UFC 97: "Redemption. "The Iceman," unsurprisingly, prefers to make that decision on his own when the timing is right for him -- there may be a fighting fire that still burns inside the 39-year-old mixed martial arts legends despite his recent struggles inside the Octagon. It should be interesting to see if and when he does make a decision whether or not it drives a wedge between him and White ... especially if he wants to stick around and, at the very least, finish the last fight on his current and deal and attempt to go out with his hand raised rather than flattened on the canvas. However, he'd more than likely have to do it against one of the best in the division -- fighting a no name would do him no justice. Howard Davis Jr. -- the famed boxing trainer who attempted to fix Liddell's mechanics heading into the Rua fight -- thinks that if he does intend to keep fighting that he should do it as a middleweight. And the latest big name to make the drop to 185 pounds, Wanderlei Silva, wants a rematch with Liddell after his UFC 99 fight against Rich Franklin. Hmmm .... any interest in that, maniacs?

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