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Vaseline Alley: Spider camp calls Silva greasing allegations 'Ridiculous'



"How much Vaseline can they put on someone’s eyebrows that’s going to make a difference? Where’s he going to wipe it? If he wasn’t wiping it on his shorts, where would he wipe it? It wasn’t like he was rubbing it in. He just took it off. We didn’t put it on. It was [the cutman] that put it on."

Ed Soares — manager for UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva — responds to accusations made by that Silva used the Vaseline applied to his face prior to entering the cage at UFC 97 to grease up his arms and chest to possibly prevent challenger Thales Leites from maintaining an effective guard. Silva nabbed a unanimous decision victory in a bizarre and uneventful main event that consisted of little-to-no action that had fans in attendance booing -- and fans at home screaming for a refund. Did the "Greasegate" controversy from UFC 94 heighten our awareness of Vaseline applications and prompt a possible overreaction? Or did "The Spider" make his web intentionally slippery?

Click here to see what all the hubbub is about.

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