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Rashad Evans: Chuck Liddell's preparations for Shogun fight were 'just a front'

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"I think (Chuck) should retire! I felt so bad for him to see him go out like that. He is a great person and a legend and when you see that as a fighter, you get a small glimpse of your own demise in the sport. There were no changes (in his style). I knew that before the fight because an inside source told me that it was just a front. It's too late for him. His reactions and ability to take punishment are gone and you could never get that back…He deteriorated so fast, it's not even funny ... You have to wonder if he is on the border of a medical problem."

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans is sympathetic to the rapid decline of the UFC's biggest star of all time. Former 205-pound champ Chuck Liddell was beaten by Mauricio Rua at UFC 97 for the fourth time in five fights and may be close to calling it quits despite a new approach in his "good" training camp leading up to "Redemption" -- an approach that Evans labels "a front" based on some inside information. Not only that, but Dr. "Sugar" thinks the "Iceman" may have some more serious issues at hand based on how quickly his skills have deteriorated. Is Liddell's health to blame? Or is he simply too old to compete in a sport that evolves by the day? You decide.

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