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MMA Quick Quote: Cristiane 'Cyborg' Santos puts an exclamation point after her period

"I used the same diet that I used to fight Shayana and I made 140lbs, much less than this time. But I had a little problem that all women suffer every month. I had the menstrual period three days before the weigh-in and it put me in trouble. I have nothing to say (to Josh Barnett). I always was professional. When I fought his athlete I made the weight easily. This time I had some problems but I believe what he thinks about me has no connection with my weight and is instead because I put one more win from his team inside my pocket."

Strikeforce female powerhouse Cristiane Santos (7-1) responds to a recent MySpace blog by Josh Barnett via about "Cyborg's" inability to make weight for her fight against Hitomi Akano at Strikeforce "Shamrock vs. Diaz" on April 11. "The Babyface Assassin" called her TKO smashing over "Girlfight Monster" "hollow" and her lack of professionalism "deplorable." Santos however merely chalks it up to unfortunate timing as it relates to her menstrual cycle and that her weight problem was out of her control. What say you?

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