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Wanderlei Silva declares war on 'cocky' Anderson Silva

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"I thought it was excellent being quoted by the champion without having had a fight in (Anderson’s) division. It’s a sign that I’m already bothering him. Nobody kicks a tree that is not able to give fruits.... He is too cocky. I hope he can read this. … I never talked anything bad about him; I always respected him. He has always been my friend, always respected me, but now he came with that statement. I can’t understand that. I didn’t come down to 185 to face him. Actually I didn’t have that intention. … Changing divisions and fighting the champion would be too pretentious. I should have to have many fights before facing him, but concerning his last statements, I think the way is open and the war is declared. If he beats Thales, we will meet and we will see if he will be able to do everything he says. … He knows me; I know him. We trained a lot together. He knows my failures, but I also know his failures, and I know nobody has given him a hard time. Nobody has beaten his face badly. I believe the future is pretty promising. Let’s wait and see."

Former 205-pound Pride FC wrecking machine Wanderlei Silva has not taken kindly to recent statements made by current UFC Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva, which referred to the "Axe Murderer" as "pretentious" for deciding to move down to middleweight. Now Wanderlei -- who used to train alongside Anderson in the glory days of Chute Boxe -- wants to beat his face badly for talking about him. Sounds like we got some serious beef brewing ... who wants to see it settled inside the Octagon?

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