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Seth Petruzelli: Scott 'Clown Shoes' Smith is a hater

Props: MMA4Real


Square Ring Promotions signed me to a fight, thats been the only big org. that has...I get offers all the time, pretty much each week from smaller orgs willing to pay good $ to have me fight. I need to hold out for a big org to fight on. It kinda sux because I am very loyal. If you take care of me I'll take care of you. The whole EliteXC thing was B.S. They were in debt before I fought, and my words got misconstrued. Seriously why would [Scott Smith] talk crap about a guy who's trying to do the same thing you do for a living? Isn't he the guy who fought Duane Ludwig in KOTC with Vans on his feet???? Scott=clown shoes! I have dealt with a lot of haters since the fight, I'm used to it. Every fight I have had has been exciting...I love to stand and bang and a lot of people want to see me fight again. I know it will help Strikeforce having me on the team!

Current Smoothie King and former straw that broke EliteXC's back, Seth Petruzelli, is still holding out for a potential contract from one of the 'big' MMA organizations. Strikeforce middleweight Scott Smith has already blasted "The Silverback" for throwing EliteXC under the bus with accusations of fight fixing and has no desire to see him and his loose lips join the Strikeforce roster. The former TUF 2 contestant however see things a bit differently, and thinks his 'exciting' style of fighting will make him an asset to any promotion -- including Strikeforce. What say you?

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