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Back by popular demand! Feel It Nutrition blowout sale on all BSN products!

Alright Maniacs, it’s Fitness Friday and we've heard your demands! For those of you who missed out on our special sale at the beginning of the month, Feel It Nutrition is bringing back its most popular manufacturer and slashing prices on all BSN products by 15%!

The same BSN that is the official supplement company of the UFC. And yes, the same BSN that won "Brand of the Year" from three years in a row.

Ever since Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos blew up at the Strikeforce weigh-ins like Violet Beauregarde, the talk of the town has been about cutting weight and shredding those few extra pounds in time for the big fight.

Well I have good news for all the fighters trying to get their shrink on: Feel It Nutrition is bringing ATRO-PHEX to the front of the line for this week's sale.

ATRO-PHEX is a very powerful thermogenic with some unique property for fighters. Users report increased energy levels, which allow fighters to maximize and get the most from their training sessions. No more feeling depleted and worn while running a thermogenic.

Unlike most of the leading brands, ATRO-PHEX uses a five-pronged approach to weight management making cutting weight more efficient and effective. Because it is a completely natural diuretic, its properties allow for complete removal of excess subcutaneous water removal.

No more having to worry about making weight! ATRO-PHEX sheds all unnecessary water prior to weighing-in. Other benefits of this very popular diuretic include: Increased mental focus and acuity, giving fighters laser-like focus for the human chess match that is modern day MMA fighting.

ATRO-PHEX leads to an increased sense of well-being, helping fighters cope with the rigorous stress of preparing for upcoming fights. You will not be let-down by this BOOST of a product. ATRO-PHEX, as well as the entire line of BSN, Inc supplements, are available now for 15% off at Feel It Nutrition, your ONE-STOP-SHOP for all your MMA Supplement needs!

If you’re looking to cut weight prior to competition without jeopardizing your focus or motivation, or if you just want to shed those few extra pounds that have survived your onslaught of physical exertion, give ATRO-PHEX a try.

It could even affect the outcome of your next fight. Who has the advantage: The fighter doing a light workout the morning of the weigh-ins or the fighter who is shriveling up inside a sauna with just a prayer and a rubber suit?

Click here to get ATRO-PHEX.

Act now, this opportunity ends April 23!

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