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UFC Quick Quote: Frank Mir to destroy Brock Lesnar's legacy and career on July 11

"I’m going to soon be the the destroyer of Brock Lesnar’s legacy and career.... Obviously, I’m slightly scared -- just look at Brock ... he is a scary guy. When he was beating me down I went to tap. Oh, well, that’s right. Brock asked the referee to come over and save him! At [UFC 81] I wasn’t really working with a jiu-jitsu coach. I was my own coach. I now have Demian Maia who is my head jiu-jitsu coach. My game has gone drastically to different levels. I thought I was actually good at it until I started rolling with him."

-- Frank Mir responds last night during a brief "Inside the Octagon" clip to statements Brock Lesnar recently made that he is scurred to fight him, which is the reason Mir had the bout delayed until UFC 100 on July 11 rather than fighting at UFC 98 on May 23. That's not the case according to the interim heavyweight champion, who sarcastically reminds Lesnar that he was the one who needed saving in their original confrontation at UFC 81: "Breaking Point" back in Feb. 2008. Mir is actually rehabbing from minor knee surgery, as well as polishing his already solid ground game with Brazilian jiu-jitsu phenom, Demian Maia.

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