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Dana White taken to task on inability to sign Fedor Emelianenko

fedor emelianenko

Carmichael Dave and UFC President Dana White go at it in this interview:

Carmichael Dave: You really need to stop with this Fedor stuff. Jeez …

Dana White: Stop what? He is far from the pound-for-pound best in the world!

Carmichael Dave: Dana, the dude (Emelianenko) has never lost (ed. note: other than a cut stoppage early in his career that was later avenged with a first round TKO)….If you signed him tomorrow, you’d be swinging on those nuts … come on!

Dana White: You have to consistently fight the best in the world in order to get my respect.

Carmichael Dave: He consistently beat three UFC heavyweight champions' asses: Noguiera twice, Andrei Arlovski and Tim Sylvia.

Dana White: Nog was a long time ago. Sylvia wasn’t even close to great and Arlovski has no chin.

Carmichael Dave: The fans want this guy in the UFC more than anything. You’re tired of the "Fedor is great" shit. Why not just bend and make it happen?

Dana White: Oh yeah, it's only up to me if he’s in the UFC? All you dopes need to realize he’s under contract with someone else. It's up to HIM to do a deal, not me. I have been trying, Lorenzo (Fertitta, co-owner of the UFC) has been trying. We’ve been trying ever since we bought Pride.

Carmichael Dave: Yeah, but you refuse to waive that crazy Zuffa contract shit. No Sambo, the champion's clause (a clause in which a fighter’s contract automatically renews for one more fight as long as they hold a UFC belt) etc. True or false? Look, he has one more fight with Affliction I believe. Why not do a one fight deal at least?

Dana White: That’s right. When you’re fighting in the Big Show, there can be no other bullshit. He will get paid an assload of money to fight, and he needs to be available. We can’t be sitting around waiting for him to fight in some Sambo show.

Read the the interview in its entirety right here. It's a doozy.

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