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UFC Quick Quote: 'The Crow' returns home on April 18

"Loiseau, he's another one of my favorites. I love that kid. He's such a nice guy. He went through a streak there in the UFC where he wasn't really letting it all go and got some losses. Ed Herman's a tough son of a bitch, man. Ed Herman's mean, nasty and tough. If Loiseau can get by him, he deserves to be back in the UFC.... This guy trains with GSP, he's talented as hell. He can kick, he can punch, he's good on the ground. It's just like he wasn't letting it go for some reason. He's still young, he's in his prime. So we'll see. Herman's a mean bastard, man. If he can get through Herman, he's back."

-- UFC President Dana White shares his thoughts via The Canadian Press on the return of former number one middleweight contender David Loiseau to the Octagon after nearly three years competing outside the organization. "The Crow" was let loose after a loss to Mike Swick in 2006. He is now set to make a comeback against Ed Herman in front of a friendly crowd at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on April 18. Can the 29-year-old Canadian recapture his old form or will "Short Fuse" spoil his homecoming this weekend? We will find out soon enough.

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