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Joe Lauzon looking to come back better than ever following knee surgery

More than five weeks after knee surgery, UFC lightweight prospect Joe "J-Lau" Lauzon (18-4, 5 KOs, 13 submissions) is rehabilitating his leg, and recovery is ahead of schedule.

Lauzon had ACL surgery and his meniscus repaired on his right knee March 6. "Everything went as scheduled," he reported. "My meniscus was repaired and the ACL cadaver grafting was successful. My doctor was very happy and optimistic that my knee will be strong. Right now, I’m walking around like a normal person; no training but I’m doing some light jogging, leg presses and squats. I’m going to lose muscle in the leg. Range of motion is the key right now. I can completely straighten my leg. I can bend it 135 degrees and 150 is normal."

"J-Lau" goes for a follow-up exam next Thursday, which will change his rehabilitation process, but he can’t fight until the grafting is fully healed, which probably won’t be until the spring of 2010. The 24-year-old Lauzon is not about to rush his recovery, despite his competitive drive, and desire to be fighting again.

"All that was protecting my knee was muscle and now that’s gone," he noted. "It‘s going to take time to build-up. I’ll probably be back on the mat in six months, but just doing light stuff, no live action. ACL surgery rehab is notorious for having people rush back too soon, resulting in more ACL surgery, and I’m not risking that."

Lauzon, star of The Ultimate Fighter 5 television reality show, feels great and has been completely overwhelmed by the responses he’s received from his fans. "It’s been awesome," Joe described all of the well wishers. "A bunch of people have emailed me and some have had ACL surgery, too. We correspond, week to week, and I’ve received a lot of good advice and pointers about a lot of things like different ways to ice my knee or stretch out. One kid had ACL surgery the same day as me and we compare notes all the time. I’m coming back better than ever."

For more information about Joe "J-Lau" Lauzon, or to send him get well wishes, go online and visit

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