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Skim 'Milk': Feel It Nutrition trims the prices on all CytoSport products for a limited time!

It's Fitness Friday ladies and germs and it's finally here ... the one you've all been waiting for. That's right, get ready to cash in and save 15% off all CytoSport products including the ultra-popular Muscle Milk!

Cytosport is a proud sponsor of some of the biggest names in the sporting world including Shaquille O’Neal, Adrian Peterson, and Brandon Roy. Whether you’re a top athlete, collegiate star, gym maniac, or just someone trying to get to the next level, everyone is a part of "Team Cyto."

For this reason, Feel It! Nutrition has chosen CytoSport as our highlighted manufacturer of the week, slashing prices on all CytoSport products by 15%!

There is a reason why Muscle Milk is all the rage.

Bodybuilders, mixed martial artists and other serious athletes know how to put their bodies through the rigors of intense physical exercise.

But do they know how to benefit from it?

Every gym has what I like to call "Lifers." They spend their life sentenced to working out without ever getting any benefit from it.

They’ll diligently march into the weight room or aerobics class each morning with a dark and dour disposition while robotically going through the motions of a paint-by-numbers routine.

Then they’ll leave the gym and throw it all away.

Transforming your body is about more than just how hard (and how often) you train. Maximum gains are made not during but after your training regimen.

Immediately after.

Following an intense workout, the body goes through a process known as catabolism, the breaking down of muscle tissue to supply glutamine and other amino acid compounds to other parts of the body.

As a defense mechanism, your body is designed to cannibalize itself starting with muscle tissue to get the nutrients it needs, effectively reversing everything you’ve worked for in your time at the gym.

As far as muscle growth is concerned, you can’t rob Peter to pay Paul.

Now you can either provide your body with the nutrients it needs (like Branch Chain Amino Acids) or just sit back and let it feast on the muscle tissue you’ve worked so hard to grow.

Our goal as athletes in the recovery phase of our training is anabolism, the process where our muscles repair themselves, effectively adding strength and size in response to the stress of training.

The most effective way to accomplish that process (aside from rest) is by consuming post-workout recovery supplements within one hour after training.

You can slam a chalk-flavored protein smoothie in the parking lot of your gym, or you can drink like royalty with Muscle Milk, possibly the best tasting protein drink on the market today.

Muscle Milk comes in a variety of products: Powder, ready-to-drink, bars, and oats. Muscle Milk takes the guesswork out of high performance nutrition, delivering a precise blend of premium proteins, complex carbohydrates, functional fats and vitamins & minerals.

No matter what your goals may be - building lean body mass, toning your physique or weight control, Muscle Milk is the perfect and complete protein-enhanced supplement for your nutritional needs! Feel It! Nutrition is one of the largest CytoSport supplement providers, thus enabling them to offer this limited-time opportunity to score the goods at ridiculous prices.

But don't delay, the 15% discount on all CytoSport products is only available through April 16.

Click here to start saving now!

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