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MMA Quick Quote: Young Lion vs Old Lion to headline Strikeforce April 11

"Shamrock-Diaz is an incredible fight. It’s like a young lion versus an old lion. Frank’s getting older. He’s had injuries. Diaz is hungry and hot and as good on the ground as Frank is on his feet. Nick is tall, long and has some power. It will be a major challenge for Frank, but we are talking about Frank Shamrock; A legend and master strategist who’ll push Nick like he’s never been pushed before. He’s so smart, I expect Shamrock to physically take away some of Diaz’s advantages. Frank is nasty in the cage. He’s kind of a mad scientist when it comes to this beautiful sport. He’s going to try and punish Nick and prove that the old lion still runs the pack. With this fight in San Jose, the neighboring town for Nick and the hometown of Frank, it is going to be an electric atmosphere."

-- Over-the-top Strikeforce play-by-play announcer, Gus Johnson, shares his thoughts on the upcoming showdown between Frank Shamrock and Nick Diaz in the Strikeforce main event this Saturday, April 11, from the HP Pavillion in San Jose, Calif., comparing the two rivals -- who are 11 years a part -- to a pair of lions. Johnson -- who was recently involved in an altercation after a bad dining experience at Blues City Cafe in Memphis, Tenn., while in town to call the NCAA tournament -- will be joined in the booth alongside Mauro Ranallo and Pat Miletich. Hopefully, he keeps the hyperbole (and shrieks) in check on fight night.

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