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UFC Quick Quote: John Howard is no coward

"I don’t appreciate him calling me a coward or anything like that. He has to understand that the decisions that are made for me are smart decisions. My job is to fight. I don’t make decisions about who to fight or when I’m going to fight, and I don’t pull out of fights ... Anthony Johnson has been in the UFC a little longer than me, and it’s not because I’m a coward (that the fight was nixed); it just wasn’t time…. I want to fight him, and the first chance I get the OK to fight him, I will. And he’s going to eat his words, definitely. It’s personal. He’s going to regret ever questioning me."

-- Promising welterweight prospect John Howard tells the Boston Herald about the reason his rumored bout against hard-hitting Anthony Johnson at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 9 Finale on June 20 fell through. "Doomsday" is also none to pleased about the response from "Rumble," which questioned his fighting spirit. Howard is now set to battle Tamdan McCrory at UFC on August 8. Menawhile, Johnson has been booked to throw hands with Matt Brown at TUF 9 Finale. If both fighters can win don’t be surprised to see this budding grudge match booked before the 2009 fight campaign comes to a close.

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