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UFC Quick Quote: Michael Bisping confident that Team UK is going to kick some TUF arse

"It has been a crazy ride, but it all started with ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and I’ve never forgotten that. I have watched every episode of the series since I left the house and, if you remember, when my friend Rampage was the coach of Season 7 I went to the TUF Gym to help his team train ... Obviously, I can’t say too much about the upcoming episodes, but what I will say is that those who think the Brits came to roll over and be happy to make up the numbers are going to be surprised."

--The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 9 coach of Team UK, Michael Bisping, has some unfortunate news via for the American fans looking for a one-sided beatdown on this season of the SpikeTV reality show. "The Count" will face opposing coach Dan Henderson at UFC 100 on July 11, but until then must settle for his on-air feud with the former PRIDE and Greco-Roman wrestling star. We'll see what the Yanks have to say about all this when they get their chance to shine on Wednesday night.

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