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UFC Quick Quote: Cole Miller is still pissed at Junie Browning

"I was the superior grappler…. Then I hit him with the right hand and I knew he was looking for a way out -- he was shooting in for the takedown…. I expected him to come out a little more aggressive, but it was probably just inexperience…. I’ve hated maybe one or two guys who I fought, but it doesn’t really make much of a difference for better or worse. But yeah, fuck him, you know? He insulted me and he did it in front of my friends, my fans and my family. Fuck him. The things that he said are unforgivable. It’s not all good."

-- Cole Miller talks to after his submission win over Junie Browning at UFC Fight Night 18: "Condit vs. Kampmann," which took place from the Sommett Center in Nashville, Tenn., last night. Apparently his total domination of "The Lunatik" was not enough to erase the bad blood that built up heading into the lightweight matched. Miller is so miffed because of remarks that Browning made at a local mixed martial arts show several months earlier, saying he was overrated and that his win dramatic win over Jorge Gurgel was luck, among other things.

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