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Dana White: TUF 9 is the craziest season ever

Props: MMAWeekly


"Season 9 was (expletive) awesome. It's the craziest season ever. First of all, it has the best fights, the best fights ever in The Ultimate Fighter history. You know how ever season the fighters fall into this team thing – my team, we hate your team thing? They fall into that (expletive). We're nine seasons and they get in there and it's this crazy 'Lord of the Flies' thing. Never has it been worse than when it's country versus country. When I say that, not only was it bad with the fighters, the coaches were even worse."

UFC President Dana White promises (once again) the best fights and the craziest season in TUF history on Season 9 of The Ultimate Fighter, starting tonight at 10 pm ET following UFC Fight Night 18 on SpikeTV. The "US vs. UK" format features Coach Dan Henderson leading a stateside team against Coach Michael Bisping and his British squad. Hopefully "crazy" means "crazy good" and not "I just took a dump on your pillow" crazy. I guess we'll find out tonight.

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