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Frank Shamrock contemplates rematch with Tito Ortiz and possible pro boxing debut

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"After I beat (Nick) Diaz I’m gonna do the Cung (Le) rematch and then I’m hoping to get Tito (Ortiz) in there if he can get his head back together. So who knows? I’d actually like to do some pro boxing and see where that goes ... MMA is really hard on the body. I’ll be 37 at the end of this year so I’ve got to pick a direction. Either I keep breaking it up or I switch it up a little bit ... I’ve been with my boxing coach about five years now. He’s an old-timer named Tony DiMaria. He’s made my hands and my understanding about boxing just go through the roof. I’m gonna stay with him. Boxing was the first sport I fell in love with and I’ve got a feeling I’ll end up in it."

-Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Frank Shamrock (23-9-2) comments on his upcoming main event bout with Nick Diaz at the Strikeforce event scheduled for April 11 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. Shamrock — who defeated Diaz’ mentor Cesar Gracie in just 21 seconds back in 2006 – is already projecting future rematches with Cung Le and perhaps Tito Ortiz by the end of the year. Shammy also wants to tests his hands in the world of pro boxing -- which seems to be the craze among top MMA stars. Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr., Tim Sylvia vs. Ray Mercer, Shammy Jr. vs. ???

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