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Remy Bonjasky: Pesky fan leads to blown knee, poor performance at K-1 GP

Props: K-1 Official Site


"My performance today was not my best. Honestly, on Thursday when I was asked by a fan for a photo while having dinner, and I stood up and twisted my knee. I wanted to cancel the fight, but after discussing it with K-1 and a doctor, we decided to continue. This is why I couldn’t do my usual flying knees and running around, so I apologize for that. It seems like I partially tore my meniscus, it was incredibly painful. To defend the name of K-1 was a lot of pressure, but it felt good to knock Alistair down. If I didn’t get the down it would have seemed like a draw. I wanted to finish him but my coach told me to not take any risks, and just take the win."

-Winner of the K-1 World Grand Prix 2008 Remy Bonjasky blames a bum knee and pesky fan for his less-than-thrilling performance against Alistair Overeem at FieLDS K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 Yokohama on Saturday, March 28. "The Flying Gentleman," who won the 2008 GP after some illegal strikes from DQ’d opponent Badr Hari, was accused by Overeem of overselling his injuries during that bout and may not have done much to dispel those rumors following these comments -- and Saturday's performance.

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