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UFC Quick Quote: Wanderlei Silva will show all his heart on June 13

"I want to be tested until my limit. I want to face the best and always provide a good show for my fans. Sometimes I am criticized because of this. Of course we always want to win, and train for it, but I also care about the quality of my performance. I want to provide a great spectacle for those who are at home. A lot of people came and said, especially after that last fight, that I must retire. I am very young and I still have something to show. I listen to people, [when] I enter the Octagon, saying, 'We will watch this because this will be a good fight.’ While people keep saying that, I will continue fighting. I will not do bad. I know my responsibility. I do not run away from the challenge, do not run away from the game. I get it. I’ll show all my heart, all my technique and make a great show for everybody. I will be there to knock out or be knocked out."

– Former PRIDE middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva talks to about his upcoming fight against Rich Franklin at UFC 99 from the the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany, on June 13. "The Axe Murderer" has been on a serious downturn as of late, losing four of his last five with three brutal knockouts. Still, Silva refuses to hang it up as long as the fans still come to see him fight, which I for one hope will be a very long time -- that is unless "Ace" puts him to sleep. There are only so many KO's one man can (or should be allowed) to endure.

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