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UFC 98 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Evans vs Machida' PPV event

UFC 98: "Evans vs. Machida" is set to go off TONIGHT (May 23) from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The pay-per-view (PPV) features light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, putting his 205-pound title on the line for the first time ever against undefeated number one division contender, Lyoto Machida. is delivering LIVE blow-by-blow, play-by-play coverage of all the action below RIGHT NOW! Up-to-the-minute quick results of the under card action is already in the books.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the PPV broadcast to share their thoughts on the action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or 10 before you leave and chat with many of our readers during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Evans vs. Machida."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 98 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!)


Lyoto Machida defeats Rashad Evans via TKO (Strikes) Round 2
Matt Hughes defeats Matt Serra via Unanimous Decision
Drew McFedries defeats Xavier Foupas-Pokam via TKO (Strikes) Round 1
Chael Sonnen defeats Dan Miller via Unanimous Decision
Frank Edgar defeats Sean Sherk via Unanimous Decision
Brock Larson defeats Mike Pyle via submission (arm triangle choke) in round one
Tim Hague defeats Pat Barry via submission (guillotine choke) in round one
Kyle Bradley defeats Phillipe Nover via technical knockout (strikes) in round one
Krzysztof Soszynski defeats Andre Gusmao via technical knockout (strikes) in round one
Yoshiyuki Yoshida defeats Brandon Wolff via submission (guillotine choke) in round one
George Roop defeats Dave Kaplan via split decision

Druby here

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida (205-pound limit)

Round one: Both guys feeling each other out to start things off. Both guys waiting to be able to counter. Nice head kick from Machida mostly blocked but it still knocks back Rashad. Body kick from Machida. Left from Machida. Knee to the body from Evans. Machida with a lighting fast kick to the body then right punch and he jumps on top of Rashad and lands some good punches, but Evans weathers the storm and is back to his feet.

Round two: Good body kick from Machida then goes for a body take down but the fence stops his momentum. Machida charges in and lands a great flurry but Evans counters with an explosive combo of his own. Body kick from Evans. The pace has slowed significantly. Machida with a slick left and then Rashad ducks under and Machida lands a BIG left and Evans is hurt!!!! Machida jumps him and does some more damage and has his back up against the cage. Machida lands a big right and then a MONSTER left and Evans folds over and is out COLD!!!! WOW Lyoto Machida looked absolutely amazing in this fight.

Final result: Lyoto Machida defeats Rashad Evans via TKO (Strikes) Round 2


Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra (170-pound limit)

Round one: Here we go. Hughes comes out with the southpaw stance, so obviously looking to shoot. Serra sucks under and lands a body shot then BIG right!!! They go to the ground and Serra lands more punches!!! Hughes is hurt! Hes on queer street. Hughes locks in a hold on Serras foot and now is clinched up against the cage and is trying to recover. Knee to the gut from Hughes and he looks to have gotten his bearings about him now. Serra shucks off Hughes now. Inside leg kick from Serra. Hughes charges in for the body lock. Hughes with a trip take down right into side control. Hughes has Serra's back now and is looking to lock in a rear naked choke. Hughes has his hooks in. Serra spins out and their back to the feet. Thats the bell, and you gotta give that round to Serra. He had Hughes out cold and was only 10 seconds from finishing the fight.

Round two: Hughes caught a head butt on the chin after Serra ducked under and thats what knocked him down. Hughes asked his corner if Serra knocked him down which shows that he is still out of it. Body kick from Hughes. Hughes with a body lock and turns it into a hip toss. Serra with half guard and Hughes is looking to pass. Nice right from Hughes. Serra doing a decent job of not taking much damage. Hughes just focusing on body shots. Serra is looking to slip out from the bottom. Hughes with a right from the top. Two more good rights from Hughes. The ref stands them up. Thats the bell, Hughes control that round but it was mostly lay and pray method. This is the do or die round.

Round three: Knee from Hughes as Serra comes in for strikes. Nice right from Hughes and now their up against the fence and Hughes gets a big take down. Serra gets into great Oma Plata position though and hes controlling Hughes body at the moment. Hughes slips out and Serra has full guard. Serra now goes to the other arm with the Oma Plata. Hughes slips out again. Serra goes for a triangle but his short legs are his enemy. Hughes still on top. The ref stands them up. Serra needs to go all out. Nice right from Serra. Hughes goes for the body lock and take down but Serra reverses and gets a HUGE judo throw!! Serra lands some good punches on top and tries for a kimura but the bell ends it. That round was close to call, Hughes was on top but Serra was going for submission attempts the whole time and avoided any damage. Then Serra gets the last minute judo throw take down and lands some good power shots to make it a close close call.

Final result: Matt Hughes defeats Matt Serra via Unanimous Decision


Xavier Foupas-Pokam vs. Drew McFedries (185-pound limit)

Round one: McFedries lands a MONSTER right hook and Pokam falls and then McFedries pounces and lands some more punches and then a HUGE uppercut and that's it -- the fight is over before it even started!!! WOW!

Final result: Drew McFedries defeats Xavier Foupas-Pokam via TKO (Strikes) Round 1


Chael Sonnen vs. Dan Miller (185-pound limit)

Round one: Both guys exchange rights. Sonnen shoots and Miller goes for a full guard guillotine. Its in tight but Sonnen pops out. Sonnen with some elbows and now postures up and lands some good punches. Another nice elbow from Sonnen. Body shots and right to face from Sonnen. Miller is going with a high full guard. Great elbow from Sonnen. Sonnen lands two more powerful punches. Miller trying to scramble out and Sonnen stops in and is now in side control. Up against the fence Sonnen has good control. Nice right from Sonnen. Sonnen in complete control right now. Sonnen lands two HUGE lefts. Hes doing real damage and Miller cannot get his back off the ground or get away from the fence. Nice elbow from Sonnen. Thats the bell, Sonnen with absoloute domination.

Round two: Miller with a right. Sonnen catches a leg kick and lands a right. Sonnen again with a BIG take down but he lands right into a guillotine, but Miller looks gassed out big time and he couldnt squeeze with any authority. Miller looking for rubber guard, Sonnen lands a big right. Sonnen with two more big punches. Miller with high guard but Sonnen with still just dominating the ground game right now. Miller going for an arm bar and is looking to lock it in but Sonnen slips out. Nice elbow from Sonnen. Sonnen postures up and lands a BIG left. Thats the round, and again Sonnen just dominates with his ground and pound. Miller looks to have no shot unless he somehow locks in a submission.

Round three: Miller with a good right. Nice left from Sonnen then Miller lands a good combo rushing forward. Sonnen stunned goes right for a take down and easily gets it. Miller going for rubber guard but you can tell he has no gas left in the tank. Sonnen back in the familiar position of being on top dominating with his ground and pound. Sonnen with a good right to the ear and then some more body shots and a elbow. Another great elbow from Sonnen. Nice left from Sonnen. Sonnen works his way to half guard now. Miller flailing about but hes got no gas left to do anything of significance, and Sonnen is going to win in dominant fashion.

Final result: Chael Sonnen defeats Dan Miller via Unanimous Decision


Sean Sherk vs. Frank Edgar (155-pound limit)

Round one: Head kick from Edgar and right hook from Sherk. Leg kick from Edgar. Nice left from Sherk. Straight right from Edgar. Both guys grapple in the center and Sherk bulls Edgar to the fence. They get distance again. They exchange jabs. Nice body shot they one two combo from Edgar. He looks confident on the feet. Another great combo from Edgar. Inside leg kick from Edgar. Nice left hook from Edgar and Edgar going for a single leg take down! Now they exchange knees to the stomach and get distance again. Nice left hook from Sherk. Right leg kick from Sherk but Edgar catches it lands a flush right and jumps on top instantly. He definitely stunned him and now he has north south position. Nice left uppercut from Edgar. Edgar is moving and keeping distance great. Edgar with a great leg kick and Sherk lands a flurry. Amazing 1st round, id give it to Edgar for his movement and the one big shot he landed. But close close round overall.

Round two: Little uppercut from Edgar and Sherk seems to be stalking for a take down. Sherk with a good left. Edgar with a glancing right power hook. Nice left uppercut from Edgar. Body kick from Edgar. Nice one two combo from Edgar. Knee to the body and throw from Edgar that puts Sherk on his butt. Nice left from Sherk. Good leg kick from Edgar. Hes uses his speed and reach to perfection, as he lands another great left right combo. Edgar is mixing it up great. Nice body shot then left hook overhand right from Edgar. Great jab overhand right from Edgar and it staggers Sherk. Uppercut left and right from Edgar and hes starting to put it on. Another amazing left right left combo from Edgar and he has found his groove. Triple jab from Edgar then outside leg kick. Edgar goes for a double then bails and lands a knee. Edgar with a sharp right that lands flush, then a head kick from Frankie. Thats the bell, Edgar dominated that round hes much faster and using a variety of attacks. He's easily up 2-0 in rounds right now. Sherk needs to become desperate or at least try a take down which he has yet to do.

Round three: Sherk with a left. Nice right from Edgar. Overhand right by Edgar misses and Sherk lunges forward for a great double leg take down. But Edgar right back to his feet but eats a punch for doing so. Amazing how quick he got up. Both guys collide heads while going for take downs at the same time. Sherk is cut above his left eye. Head kick from Edgar. Sherk goes for a double but Edgar sprawls out and lands a solid right in the process. Body shot from Sherk. Outside leg kick from Edgar. Nice straight right from Edgar. Left from Sherk. 1 min left. Another great 3 punch combo from Edgar. Body shot and right hook from Edgar. Right from Sherk. Sherk shoots and Edgar sprawls out then jumps right into a guillotine. The rounds ends before the tap out comes, but Edgar dominated the entire fight. Any time Sherk got inside where his punches could do damage Edgar went to the body with punches or faked shots to keep Sherks hands down low and not allow him to throw his power punches. Amazing performance from Edgar he looked like a top 5 fighter tonight.

Final result: Frank Edgar defeats Sean Sherk via Unanimous Decision


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