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UFC vets Hinkle and Fickett fall at 'Beatdown 4' over the weekend

NEW TOWN, North Dakota (March 24, 2009) – North Dakota-native Chris Tuchscherer captured the first Sovereign Nations Mixed Martial Arts (SNMMA) title by defeating veteran heavyweight Brandon "The Iron Lion" Lee Hinkle, headlining "Beatdown 4" last Saturday night before a sold-out crowd at 4 Bears Casino in New Town, North Dakota.

SNMMA links federally recognized tribes throughout the United States and Canada. SNMMA’s mission is to develop, promote and help regulate mixed-martial-arts in a fair and professional manner by federally recognized tribes that are sovereign nations.

Former NCAA, Division II wrestling champion Hinkle (14-10-1, 8 (T)KO, 4 Submissions), fighting out of Columbus, Ohio, didn’t have any answers for 2-time NCAA, Div. II All-America wrestler Tuchscherer (16-1-0, 5 (T)KOs, 7 Submissions), who hails from nearby Fargo.

Tuchscherer, who trains regularly with UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar in Minneapolis, controlled the action from start to finish, which came at 4:43 of the fourth round, when the referee stopped the fight due to a series of damaging strikes.

"Chris is a great athlete who takes the sport and his career very serious like a true professional must in order to have any kind of future in this demanding sport," SNMMA president Pat Packineau said. "The SNMMA is honored to have the heavyweight title go to a person such as Chris Tuchscherer, who respects what the sport has to offer as he continues his journey to become one of the top fighters in the world."

Minnesota Martial Arts Academy welterweight Nick "The Carnie" Lentz (15-3-1) won a three-round unanimous decision against ex-UFC fighter Drew Fickett (36-11-0) in the co-feature.

Full results after the jump:

Chris Tuchscherer, Fargo, ND 16-1-0, [6 (T)KOs, 6 SUBs]
WTKO4 (4:43 – Strikes)
Branden Lee Hinkle, Columbus, OH, [14-10-1, 8 (T)KOs, 4 SUBs]
(Tuchscherer wins SNMAA heavyweight title)

Karl Knothe, Eagen, MN, 8-6-0, [2 (T)KOs, 5 SUBs]
WSUB1 (3:28 – arm lock)
Jessie Wallace, Santa Barbara, CA, [3-1-0, 2 (T)KOs]

Seth Harrison, Fort Yates, ND, [2-1-0, 1 (T)KO, 1 SUB]
WSUB1 (1:37 – Rear Naked Choke)
Tyler Barth, Minneapolis, MN, [0-1-0]

Bruce Nelson, Ada, MN, [18-25-1, 1 (T)KOs, 15 SUBs]
WTKO1 (2:46)
Jim Miltonberger, Minot, ND, [1-2-0, 1 SUBs]

Dane Sayers, Fargo, ND, [4-0, (1 (T)KO, 3 SUBs]
WSUB1 (1:12 – Guillotine Choke)
Shane Deezee, Minneapolis, MN, 8-4-0, [3 (T)KOs, 6 SUBs]

Josh Rosaaen, Rapid City, SD, 3-3-0, [1 (T)KOs, 2SUBs]
WSUB1 (4:05 – Arm Bar)
Andrew Kapel, Minn., MN, 2-5-0, [1-2-0, 0 (T)KOs, 1 SUB]

Nick Lentz, Minneapolis, MN, [15-3-1, 4 (T)KOs, 7 SUBs]
Drew Fickett, Tucson, AZ, [36-11-0, 3 (T)KOs, 25 SUBs]

Marshall Martin, Fargo, ND, [11-5-0, 2 (T)KOs, 9 SUBs]
WSUB1 (1:34 – Guillotine Choke)
Dan Casey, Minneapolis, MN, [12-3-0, 1 (T)KO, 10 SUBs]

Pablo Garza, Fargo, ND, [3-0-0, 2 SUBs]
Jon Knutson, Rapid City, SD, [2-4-0, 1 (T)KO, 1 SUB]

Yaolzin Meza, Phoenix, AZ, [12-4-0, 4 (T)KOs, 4 SUBs]
WSUB1 (1:40 – Rear Naked Choke)
Travis Reddinger, Minneapolis, MN, [10-1-0, 3 (T)KOs, 7 SUBs]

Clint Godfrey, Rapid City, SD, [7-1-0, 2 (T)KOs, 4 SUBs]
WSUB2 (1:09 – Rear Naked Choke)
Rich Taylor, St. Paul, MN, [5-2-0, 3 KOs, 1 Submission]

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