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UFC Quick Quote: John McCarthy 'never criticized the UFC'

I never criticized the UFC -- that's a lie. If you're going to talk about while I was broadcasting, did I say something wasn't a good fight? Yeah, but I never said the UFC is bad; I don't do that. I spent too many years building up the UFC, getting people to love the UFC. It would serve me no purpose in saying bad things about something I actually care a lot about. Bring out what I did: Was it a blog I wrote? Is it something you have tape of me saying, like "The UFC is bad"? Everything can't be complimentary about everything they do. There's obviously going to be things I don't agree with, personally, that they do. It doesn't mean I'm right; it just means it goes against the way I think it should be done.

-- "Big" John McCarthy comments to about the perception that he is anti-Zuffa following some comments he made about the promotion last year. McCarthy, who retired from mixed martial arts as a referee for a new career as an on-air personality and strategic adviser for The Fight Network (only to resign and return to officiating 11 months later at Strikeforce: "Destruction" in November 2008) -- still has not re-applied for an officiating license in Nevada.

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