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Monkey business: Jason Mayhem Miller goes bananas for 'Bully Beatdown'

Former Icon Sport 185-pound champion and one of the most popular and charismatic mixed martial artists on the planet, Jason "Mayhem" Miller, will make his television debut as the host of a new reality show dubbed, "Bully Beatdown," on MTV this Sunday (March 22) night (check local listings).

The basic gist of the show -- from executive producer Mark Burnett, who is also responsible for other popular reality programs such as "Survivor" and "The Apprentice" -- is for victims of abuse by high school bullies to enlist the help of Mayhem and his friends to give these ruffians a taste of their own medicine in the school of hard knocks.

Mayhem gives these bullies an offer they can't refuse by ponying up cash incentives to face professional fighters in a real MMA setting. It's either that or live with looking like a coward on national television.

Reality TV at its finest.

Today, Mayhem took the time out of his busy schedule to talk with us in an exclusive interview. If you've never read an interview with Miller, he is definitely one of a kind. I could have gone on all night firing questions at a guy as funny as Mayhem, and had it not been for the real bullies at MTV cutting us off 10 minutes in, I'm sure we would have.

But, being busy promoting the new show as well as preparing for an upcoming championship fight in two weeks with fellow former Icon Sport middleweight title holder Kala Hose in the newly formed Kingdom MMA promotion, it's understandable that our time with Mayhem got cut short.

Regardless, this interview was not without some classic Mayhem moments as well as some interesting foreshadowing toward what the future holds for the 28-year-old fighter.

We talked about the show, the upcoming fight and whatever else was on Mayhem's maniacal mind. You don't want to miss this:

James Iannotti ( So what's up with this show man? What kind of crazy stuff happens? Without giving anything away of course.

Mayhem Miller: Man, even if I gave it away, it's like a train wreck. If you don't watch it you're missing out. Everyone at school the next day is gonna go, "hahaha you missed out bro. It was a total train wreck and you totally missed it, hahaha." And then you're the dumb kid at school, and everyone picks on you and pulls your wedgies. And then you got to call Jason "Mayhem" Miller to beat up your bully for you.

James Iannotti ( So wait a minute, you get to beat up the bullies yourself? I thought you were just the host.

Mayhem Miller: Naw, I'm just the host, but if it comes down to it I'll pop some knuckles on people's FACE!

James Iannotti ( Haha ... did any of these bullies cross that line and maybe push your buttons a little too much?

Mayhem Miller: Yeah, hell yeah! There were a couple of guys that I wanted to headbutt right in the FACE! Dude, I really considered it, then I just thought about it and I was like dude you're just gonna lose all this MTV work that you've worked so hard for to headbutt a guy in the face. So instead I made it legit. I give them 10 g's ($10,000) to step in the cage against one of my MMA fighters.

James Iannotti ( Did any of these bullies surprise you by putting up a good fight against one of your guys?

Mayhem Miller: YEAH! Yeah, you know, I got to say, you got to watch the show to find out, but man definitely. There were some amazing moments in the fights.

James Iannotti ( Which MMA fighters did you guys pick to actually do the fighting, since you're not the one headbutting people in the face?

Mayhem Miller: Oh man, we got "The Hurricane" Huen, Conner Huen. We also got Tony "The Gun" Bonello, submission expert. That guy, man, he was really fun to work with. Oh, and of course, JAKE SHIELDS, the man that doesn't need a nickname his name is so cool.

James Iannotti ( Haha ... you got Jake Shields?

Mayhem Miller: JAKE SHIELDS!

James Iannotti ( I can't imagine those three guys are gonna be taking it easy on these bullies ...

Mayhem Miller: You're gonna see grade A violence on an MTV scale.

James Iannotti ( How many shows did you guys do?

Mayhem Miller: We're ready to go to air with eight.

James Iannotti ( What else has been going on with you man? How was retirement?

Mayhem Miller: I never said I was gonna retire. I said I was retarded. Somebody took it to the next level. The guy thought I said retired, and then he just blew it up on the website the next day, "Mayhem's retired, Mayhem's retired," and I'm like okay, that was pretty funny. But at least people were talking about me.

James Iannotti ( Did you get affected at all by the Pro Elite contract drama? If I'm not mistaking you had some kind of contract with Icon Sport no?

Mayhem Miller: You are MISTAKING sir! You are sorely mistaking. I had nothing to do with that drama. My name's Paul and that shit's between y'all.

James Iannotti ( Well what do you think about Strikeforce coming in and doing what they've done recently?

Mayhem Miller: I think Strikeforce is a bunch of genius guys that run an event. I think it's great for MMA to have an alternative here in America to UFC. So now you got, you know, they're gonna do well and try to make a great event that's comparable to the UFC the same way that Affliction has been attempting to do.

James Iannotti ( Have those guys been trying to pull you over to Strikeforce?

Mayhem Miller: Yeah, you know, I'm definitely open to the opportunity. I'm definitely open to that opportunity. I think that Strikeforce can do some awesome stuff.

James Iannotti ( So what kind of contract do you have with Kingdom MMA? I'm assuming you're not exclusive with anyone if you're open to an opportunity with Strikeforce.

Mayhem Miller: Hell no bro! I fight in Japan, how could I be exclusive with anyone? I have a contract with DREAM in Japan, so I fight for them as well as fighting for whatever comes up here in America. I'm kind of a unique fighter, a fighter that doesn't sign exclusive to one thing. I kind of like to have a lot of girlfriends, you know? Make out with this one here, make out with this one there.

James Iannotti ( So what made you come out of retirement or retardedment? Whatever you call it.

Mayhem Miller: I told you, I wasn't retired. I was retarded!

James Iannotti ( Haha ... okay well now that you're back from your retardedment, you've got a pretty big fight coming up with a dangerous and powerful striker in Kala Hose. What are your thoughts on him and how you guys match up?

Mayhem Miller: We don't love them Kala Hoes! Naw, I don't know man. I take care of business bro. That's what I do, so I'm gonna do it and do it up right as I order this latte. You know what I'm saying? But seriously, hold on a second, I'm really ordering a latte. ["Yeah, three big scoops of Splenda ... haha"is audible in the background.]

James Iannotti ( Haha ... you really are ordering a latte aren't you?

Mayhem Miller: Hell yeah man! I'm doing an interview and ordering a latte. Actually it's not a latte. I drink Americana, less calories. I got to make weight, you know?

James Iannotti ( Haha ... sure. So what's up with the title Hose had in Icon Sport, a title that you once had too? Is that carrying over to Kingdom MMA?

Mayhem Miller: No, we're fighting for a whole new title. He don't got nothing now! A brand new belt! Damn right! I'm gonna win three titles this year, watch.

James Iannotti ( Oh really? Who are the other two gonna be with?

Mayhem Miller: Dude, I can't tell you about that right now due to contract negotiations. You'll see though, watch. By the end of this year I'll have three belts and an MTV show. Screw you guys!

James Iannotti ( Interesting, interesting. What about training? Everything still cool over there at Team Quest?

Mayhem Miller: What about trannies? Dude, I'm not gonna talk about trannies with you. That's really off base and off subject. If you want to talk about trannies, you can go somewhere else and talk about trannies.

James Iannotti ( Wow! Ok back to the fight with Hose. He seems pretty one dimensional. Are you going to try to expose him on the ground or are you gonna take the macho approach and try to stand with him?

Mayhem Miller: I'm a Kung Fu master bro! Maybe you should just listen when I give it to you. I'm a Kung Fu master!

James Iannotti ( Does that mean you're gonna stand with him?

Mayhem Miller: Don't judge me bro.

James Iannotti ( Okay, I won't judge you. I want to ask you about the Jacare fight in Japan, and ...

Mayhem Miller: I lost the decision because I'm an egotistical moron and I thought I should out-grapple that guy and I couldn't because he's way better at grappling than I am. But I would love to smash his face because I'm so angry at myself for being an idiot! Every night I have bad dreams about what I could have done, should have done and was supposed to have done. Such an idiot I am! Actually I should beat myself up. If I could fight me, I would fight me again and beat me up because I was out of shape and not in the best preparation for that fight.

MTV lady (out of nowhere): James, he can take one more question and then I have to put him on another call.

James Iannotti ( One more question? This is just starting to get good!

MTV lady: We can call you back another time. We just have to get him on the phone with someone else.

James Iannotti ( Bollocks! Mayhem, tell us more about these three belts you plan on winning this year brother. Come on man, give me something good.

Mayhem Miller: No dude! World domination ALL DAY! What, you want the scoop?

James Iannotti ( I want the scoop!

Mayhem Miller: You can't handle the scoop! Naw bro, but I can't talk about it because if I talk about it, then, you know. But if you just check in with me every once in a while on my myspace, I swear I'll give you the scoop.

James Iannotti ( Nick Diaz or Frank Shamrock?

Mayhem Miller: Nick Diaz by bad attitude or Frank Shamrock by good looks.

James Iannotti ( Haha ... nice. Thanks, Mayhem.

Mayhem Miller: No problem, bro.

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